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WordPress Tutorials
1. Installing WordPress 2. Logging Into WordPress 3. Installing A Theme
4. Changing WordPress Theme 5. Install A WordPress plugin 6. Writing A WordPress Post
7. Creating WordPress Pages 8. Creating A Category 9. Replying To Comments

WordPress Comments Explained

You can reply to comments in a number of ways, the easiest thing to do is when you visit a certain post, you scroll down to the comments and reply to any comment you want, the other option is to to this from within WordPress such as below:

Step 1: Login into your WordPress account and from the dashboard click on "Comments":

wordpress comments 1

Step 2: Make sure to mouse over on the comment and you will be displayed with the following small menu, choose "Reply" to reply to that specific comment.

wordpress comments 2

Step 3: All you have to do now is write your reply in the field below.

wordpress comments 3
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