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What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a real-time social network that allows you to connect with multiple public streams by following different people from around the world and engage into conversations with anyone you want.

One of the best things about Twitter is that it's free, however it does require maintenance to be able to keep your followers list.


For example if people "Follow" you and then find out that you are inactive or not frequently posting, they may "Un-Follow" you even if you are following them, so make sure you post to twitter frequently.

Twitter For Businesses

You can use Twitter to put your business on the online map and connect with hundreds maybe thousands of potential customers/clients.

Twitter On The Go

Twitter can be used on almost any mobile device you can think of, which means that you don't have to be sitting at a computer to stay connected, thanks to Twitter's Apps you can download the App you like and start using Twitter on your phone or Ipad for example.

Automate Twitter

If you are registered into a lot of online social networks, you can connect twitter to another network such as FaceBook for example and anything you post on FaceBook will also be posted automatically on Twitter and Vise-Versa if you'd like.

Using Twitter For Internet Marketing

If you do your research about your target market, make sure to follow them to know their interests to better understand them, also make sure you keep your eye on your competitors and the ways they use to get their customers by following their tweets as well.

Remember that Twitter is the fastest way you can connect with your market, it allows you instant access to anyone you want that is also on twitter, other methods such as websites or emails take time, but not twitter!

The best thing about Twitter is that it will not cost your business a single cent!

I urge you to give Twitter a try and let me know what you think, you can register and account by clicking Here.
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