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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways you can make money online, if you know how to use it of course.

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Basically it is a deal made between an online merchant and a website owner. The site/blog owner places advertisements on their his/her own website/blog in order to help the merchant sell his product, and in return, he gets commission on every sale.

There are 3 methods to earn with Affiliate Marketing and they are: Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead.

Pay Per Click

Whenever a visitor visits the merchant's website through a link that he clicked on the affiliates website, a certain amount of money gets deposited into the affiliates account, different products rewards different amounts.

The affiliate can get paid instantly or on a scheduled time during the month.

Pay Per Sale

Pay per sale advertising lets the website owner earn commission every time they make a sale, the amount they make could be based on the amount of sales they made or might earn a flat rate that was agreed upon with the merchant.

Pay Per Lead

This is the easiest form of Affiliate Marketing, basically what this means is that every time a visitor registers at the merchants website due to clicking on a link that was located on an affiliate's website, the affiliate earns a certain amount of money that gets deposited into his account.

In this method you don't even need to sell anything, just have them register through your link.

Make sure to research the merchant's products and reputation before you agree to anything, otherwise you might fall into a lot of problems when it comes to payments.
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