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What Is Adbrite?

Adbrite is considered the second best alternative to Adsense, at Adbrite they are not very strict about your website design like google, this doesn't mean that you can design a 2 min blog and submit for approval, no, you have to put the time and effort in it and best to get some traffic first before you submit.

They are just not as strict as Google is all.

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Adbrite follows the same procedure as Adsense, it allows you to create banners with different sizes to best match the location you're going to install it on your website/blog.

However Adbrite is not as targeted as Adsense, meaning Adsense is better at showing relevant Ads to your website content that way your readers would be more interested into clicking on your Ads.

Adbrite is a great alternative to Adsense, I suggest you open an account even if you have an Adsense account and install Adbrite on some of your smaller websites just to keep the account active, you never know when you might switch to them permanently.

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