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WordPress Tutorials
1. Installing WordPress 2. Logging Into WordPress 3. Installing A Theme
4. Changing WordPress Theme 5. Install A WordPress plugin 6. Writing A WordPress Post
7. Creating WordPress Pages 8. Creating A Category 9. Replying To Comments

What Is A WordPress Category

Categories are used in WordPress in order to be able to organize your posts, that way your readers can better navigate your blog by looking at specific categories instead of having all posts show up one after the other.

Categories help organize the posts into a submenu of categories.

Step 1: Login into your WordPress account and from the dashboard click on "Posts":

wordpress category 1

Step 2: Click "Categories" under Posts:

wordpress category 2

Step 3: Now you will see on the right a new page opened up requesting your input for a title for your category, this is the title that will show up as a menu for your readers.

wordpress category 3

Step 4: Fill in the information you need about your new category and once you are done click "Add New Category" to add it to your menu.

wordpress category 4

Step 5: Now you will be able to see your new category show up in every new post you create, and all you have to do to include that post under a certain category is click the check-mark beside the category name under publish inside the post.

wordpress category 5
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