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What Is A Blog?

A bit over 10 years ago, people were used to seeing normal static websites on the web, however when blogger launched in 1999, new blogs started to emerge and blogs became the fastest and best way to report anything you want almost instantly.

A blog is like your own personal journal, where you can share your thoughts with others on the net without the complications of going through code or knowing how to program a website.

When you have a blog you set a 2 way communication line through comments between you and the people who read your posts, that way they can provide you with feedback or share with you their own personal experiences.

Blogs have many advantages over static sites, for example, blogs always have fresh new content while static sites almost never change, another advantage is that blogs are more SEO friendly which means that search engines like them more than they do a static site, which gives you a better chance to rank high in search engines such as google and yahoo.

Types Of Blogs:

To create a blog you need to have a domain name and an online server where you can save your files on.

Once you do that you can choose any type of blogging system out there and easilyinstall it on your server and have your blog up and running within minutes.

The best Blogging Systems out there are:

WordPress Joomala Blogger
WordPress Joomla Blogger

The first 2, "WordPress" and "Joomla" are stand alone systems, which means that you can download them and install them on your own server, then run them completely from your own hosting server.

The third one however, "Blogger", is more like a service that you get to sign up for and you have a blog hosted on their own servers.

I prefer a stand alone system since I can control everything about my blog.

The Best Blogging System Of All Three?

The best blogging system of all 3 is "WordPress", due to its simplicity and yet highly professional and filled with amazing features.

The blog I use for this website is created using WordPress, if you want to learn more on how to install and configure WordPress check out my WordPress tutorials on the left menu.
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