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What Are Social Networks?

The simplest way to describe social networks is that they are websites that are based on people communicating and sharing with each other, people can visit the same website from different locations around the world and either share their thoughts or give feedback/opinion on certain things.

The internet if filled with millions of people that log on everyday just to meet new people, and this is where social networks play an important role, it's a gathering for groups to discuss, comment or even rate by interacting with each other.

NOTE: You can easily increase traffic to your website/blog if you know how to use social networking sites to your advantage.

The Top Social Networks Available Today Are:

Facebook: is a social networking service that lets you connect with friends, family, and others who share similar interests as you. Most people use facebook to stay in touch and share their daily lives with others.

Twitter: is another social networking service that is similar to FaceBook, however Twitter allows you to follow anyone in the world with a Twitter account and be able to view all their tweets and news the moment they tweet it and engage into conversations with anyone you want.

Others also have the ability to follow you as well, which means that if you have a big followers list, you can use it to promote your products or sell anything you want online by directing that traffic to your website.

StumbleUpon: is similar to a search engine in that it allows you to search for the best websites out there that meet your preferences, you can share your articles on StumbleUpon and others will be able to discover your posts by doing a simple search.

StumbleUpon allows you to get targeted traffic to your website.

If you want to learn about each social network in more depth, make sure to check out the next sections from the menu on the left!
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