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I have listed in bullet form the different ways you can promote your content by submitting to article directories.

NOTE: A full tutorial on how to accomplish each point is coming soon, so stay tuned . :D

Submit To Ezine Articles

  • Put your blog link in the Resource box.
  • Submit more articles for better exposure.
  • Put no more than 1 link in you article linking to something important.
  • Tweet about your articles on Ezine to get more reader flow.

Creating HubPages

  • Create a HubPage and insert a link to your site/blog.
  • Create multiple pages with your links for better exposure.
  • Pay attention to the ranking system on HubPages, ranking "hot" will help you.
  • Include your own videos and images in your pages.

Submit To Squidoo

  • Create a lens (page) about your business.
  • Connect your Squidoo posts to your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts.
  • Create lenses for your blog or products.
  • Embed your video in all your lenses.
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