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Register A Domain Name

This is extremely important! If you want to have a successful website, you have to think about this long term.

Think about what you want your website to be called, if it does get famous and have lots of traffic.

Keep a Few Things in Mind When Registering a Domain Name
Domain Name

Tips For Choosing A Domain Name:

1) Keep It Short:

You are allowed up to 63 characters but always try your best to keep it below 20 characters.You don't want to give people a big name that they can NOT remember. If they don't remember, they will never come back!

2) Put keywords In Domain Name:

it will help you show up in search engines better, also remember you can add short words to your address that gives it great meaning.

For example if your site talks about selling homes, then you can add the words "cheap", "best" or "attractive" to your address, thus making it more clear to the reader while at the same time getting picked up by search engines when someone searches for those keywords.

3) Use Hyphens In Domain Name:

There are millions of websites around the world today and the chances are that the names that you want are taken, however there is a solution to that by using Hyphens in your domain name.

4) Using Numbers In Domain Name:

You can use numbers in your name cleverly by making sure you end up with a clear statement about what your site is about.

For example you can say "4BuildingAHome.com" or "2BuildAHome.com" both are clear that your site is going to talk about building homes.

5) Register Multiple Domains:

Sometimes it is wise to make sure you own other similar domains to the original one you use.

For example if you own a ".com" domain then making sure that you also own the ".org" and ".net" for the same name is not a bad idea.

That way no one can cleverly steal your traffic later by registering a similar name.

Also you can register similar names for example if your site is called "2BuildAHome.com" you can also register "2BuildHomes.com" and have it redirect to the first domain that way you help protect your business longer.

To register a domain name please visit This Section to lean how.
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