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4. Section Explanation - Read This First

This is the "Monetizing Your Site/Blog" Section Explanation, here we're going to discuss following:

It's highly probable that the reason you are on this website is not only to be able to create a website, but also to be able to make money using that website.

In this section we are going to discuss the different ways you can monetize your website, you have to understand that there are other ways you can use that are not listed in this section however I only list here the most common ways to monetize your website and also what I use to monetize all of my websites.

2 Ways To Monetize Your Site:

A. Pay Per Click Ads
These are services that pay you a portion of revenue every time people who visit your website click on the advertisement you have installed on your website.

When you register with such services, they give you a code that you put on your site where they can use to track the clicks you receive.

This is the most common way to make money online through a website or a blog. Such services are: Adsense and Adbrite.

B. Affiliate Marketing
This is also a very common method used to generate an income online, what happens is that instead os installing ads on your website/blog, you place a link or maybe even a small banner to a certain product and you get paid only if people buy that product.

It pays more than PPC Ads however it doesn't occur as often since you don't get paid for clicks, you only get paid a commission when you make a sale, however people with high traffic sites and with targeted audience make a living using this method, so it's definitely worth a try.

Note: There are a lot more ways to make money online but to list them all here would be insane, so I'm only listing the most common ones and the ones I personally use and have experience with.

Make sure to read every subsection carefully, each one contains information you will need to know before you register at any of these services.
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