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2A. Section Explanation - Read This First

This is the "Creating a Website" Section Explanation, here we're going to discuss following:

HTML Code Examples Section:

There are many HTML tutorials out there so I find it useless trying to create one from scratch.

However instead, in this section I provide you with quick HTML code examples that I made which you can copy and paste directly into your coding.

That way you can create your code faster by always visiting the "HTML Code Examples" section and copying what you need.

I have put a lot of ready examples for your to copy in this section such as building HTML tables and how to create Hyperlinks etc...

Free HTML Templates Section:

This is a special section I designed for you and filled it with ready made templates that I created for you to download.

You will find each template in this section with different characteristics and each one has a different structure.

For example you will find 1, 2 and even 3 column. Each template comes in 2 versions, the first one has a Fixed Size and the second has a Percentage Size, which means you can download the one you want to use, either a template that has a fixed dimensions or the other type which re-sizes with the browser.

Each Template comes with its own CSS file that you can use and change to suit your needs. I explain each line in the CSS file, and show you what each one does so that you know what to change.

Best of all, it's all for you to download absolutely free!

Free Scripts Section:

This is my favorite section. This is where I get creative and create HTML/PHP/Java Scripts and offer them for downloading.

You are free to use the scripts in this section in your programming as much as you like, and I'm always adding more scripts so make sure to check this section frequently.

Each script comes with a full tutorial on how to install and use it.

Create A Forum Section:

This section is designed for people who want to install a forum on their website.

In this section I will show you how to fully from beginning to end choose the best free forum system out there and I give you a full tutorial on how to install and use it.

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