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Promote On Social Networks

I have listed in bullet form the different ways you can promote your content with each network below.

NOTE: A full tutorial on how to accomplish each point is coming soon, so stay tuned . :D

Promote On Facebook

  • Create a Facebook page for your business.
  • Create a friendly link for your page.
  • Insert your page link anywhere you can
  • Install widget on your blog or website to promote your page

Promote On Twitter

  • Use Direct Messages, but be careful!
  • Tweet to your followers.
  • Make sure you appear in Search by filling in your profile info.
  • Install widget on your blog or website to get more followers.

Promote On Google+

  • Create a personalized address, easy to remember.
  • Create a Google+ Pages for your websites.
  • Use photos on G+ to promote your products.
  • Install widget on your blog or website to promote your page

Promote On Linkedin

  • Create an attractive profile so people want to contact you.
  • Invite others for events that you create.
  • Join different groups and be active.
  • Import your blog's Rss feed into your Linkedin profile.

Promote On Stumbleupon

  • Share and recommend websites.
  • Get your readers to stumble your site.
  • Insert the “I Like It” button so people can easily click it.
  • Participate by doing the same to other sites you like.

Promote On MySpace

  • Get people to know you by using a lot of pictures.
  • Use attractive titles for your page.
  • List a problem and solve it through the product you want to sell.
  • Link your page anywhere you can but don't spam.
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