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How To Upload A File

There are 2 ways to upload a file on HostGator:

Method 1:

By logging into your C-Panel you can upload a file using the File Manager provided by HostGator.

Be careful because there is a 500 MB upload limit through File Manager. If you want to upload more, then you can use method 2.


Then make sure to choose "Home Directory", that way you will be able to see all the files and folder on your hosting plan server.


Then click on "public_html" this is the main folder for your main website on this hosting plan.

If you have additional domains on this hosting plan then you will find them as folders under the "public_html" folder, just click on the subdomain folder you need to upload files to any of your subdomains.

Otherwise just upload under "public_html" directly and you will be able to view these files under your main website on your hosting plan.


Method 2:

Using an FTP Client you can upload any file you want onto your online server.

I and many other webmaster prefer the use of an FTP manager because it allows direct access to all your files on your hosting server with ease.

Also there is no file size restriction when you use an FTP client.

Click Below To Watch The Video Tutorial

how to upload a file

There are many FTP clients out there but the one I use is free and simple. It's called FileZilla.

After logging in, you will be able to see 2 windows, the one on the left is your local folder, and the one on the right is your online hosting server.

Just drag and drop files between your local and the online window in order to upload or download any files you need. Check out the screenshot below.

There you have it, there are 2 methods to upload a file, I prefer using method 2 by using an FTP client, it's easier and faster also with no restrictions at all.
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