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How To Promote Your Website

1. Promote On Social Networking Sites

This is one of your most strongest weapons for generating an income online, all you have to do is make sure that you stay active and that you are getting targeted followers.

You can reach a lot of people at incredible speed with social networks, so do not take it lightly!

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FaceBook Twitter Google+
Linkedin StmbleUpon MySpace

2. Submit To Article Directories

Ok we all know that traffic is important, but guess what? having high quality back links to your website will increase your traffic because you will start showing up in search engines more often because other high quality websites contains links to your own thus increasing the value of your own in the eyes of search engines.

An easy way to do this is by registering in high quality article directories and writing a few articles there per week while leaving a back link to your website, most of them allow you to do that as a payment for your time.

Ezine Articles eHow Squidoo
HubPages Article Dash Board GoArticles

3. Using Videos To Promote Your Content

Creating videos is one of the most smartest ways to promote your website, many people online don't want to bother reading long boring articles, which is why they usually search for what they need on websites like youtube.

This means that having your video on such a website while having the address of your website displayed at the beginning and the end of the video for example would help you boost your traffic since if they like your video they might be interested into visiting your site/blog.

YouTube Google Videos My Space Videos

Note: There are many other ways to promote your site such as:

  • Podcasting
  • eBooks
  • Email Marketing
  • Link Exchanges
  • Contests
But we won't get into too much details about those for now. Check later for updates.
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