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Connect Domain To Server

Let me show you how I linked a domain I purchased by itself to my existing hosting plan.

First Login at the Registry Rocket website using the user name and password you provided during registration:

Connect Domain To Server In 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1:

Visit the above address and login into the screen below.

NOTE: Keep in mind we are assuming that you are registered with HostGator, however if not, this guide will still work with all other hosting providers, just login to your domain name and follow the same steps.

Login Domain

Step 2:

Head over to your C-Panel and get the name of the 2 servers such as the screenshot below:

C-Panel Domain Servers

Step 3:

Go back to the Registry Rocket website and enter the 2 Domain Name Servers address that are found in your C-Panel below.

Domain Settings

Step 4:

Go within your C-Panel and Click Addon Domains to add your new domain to your hosting plan as a folder where you can put all your website files inside!

Addon Domains

Step 5:

Fill the information below about your new domain and once you hit Add Domain you will have a new created folder in your FTP account with the name of your new domain. Putting any files in that folder will count as your websites files.

New Domain Info

So you see? It was very easy linking between a domain and your hosting plan, the idea is to copy the 2 domain server address from your hosting plan in your C-Panel and put them into your Domain Server settings page, that way your domain can sense which hosting plan to point to.

THEN we go to your C-Panel again and add the domain as a folder using "Addon Domains", that way we can upload our website files in there.

You can have as many addon domains as you want provided your plan supports "Unlimited Domains".
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