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Choosing The Best Hosting Plan

In the previous section we talked about choosing the right hosting company and discussed the type of features each company should have.

We decided that HostGator is one of the best companies out there, so we are going to view the best hosting plan you can choose at HostGator to get you started (Remember this depends on your needs).

Note: We are assuming you are creating a new website at a beginners level. You can choose a different plan that better suit your needs.

When you visit HostGator's website you will find 4 categories on their home page:

If you are a creating new website, you do NOT need to concern yourself with all these options, we are going to choose the first one "Unlimited Web Hosting".

3 different hosting plans to choose from with Unlimited Web Hosting:

Hosting Plans

If you know that you are going to be creating only 1 website and that you will never need to make another one, then choosing the first plan "Hatchling Plan" is the right one for you.

However if you plan on making more than 1 website, this means you will need support for more than 1 domain. You can have multiple domains under 1 hosting plan, in that case choose the "Baby Plan".

It gives you all the features the Hatchling Plan offers but does not limit you to a single domain.

These plans do not come with a free domain, you will have a chance to purchase a domain with any plan you choose.

You can use the following discount code for an extra 25% discount on your first purchase (month).

Discount Code: "CreateAWebsiteIncome".
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