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Choosing The Best Host

This is the most important thing your website must have to ensure its survivability and stability.

Choosing the right hosting provider can be a very difficult task, so I outlined for you the things you should look for when deciding on a new hosting provider.

The Best Host
Below you will find guidelines and explanation to the features any good hosting provider must have, I also show you the best hosting provider I think out there (it's the provider this website is currently hosted on too).

Tips For Hosting:

1) Customer Service:

The reason this is number 1 is because by contacting customer support you will be able to tell a lot of things about the provider!

2) Reliability and Speed:

The web host you choose must have a reliable service and acceptable loading times.

You cant have people waiting 10 seconds to load your pages. Also make sure the listed uptime is at least 99.9% Sometimes they will state 99% but that is actually too low and means that they might go down a few times per week.

A hosting provider with a 99.9% of uptime might go down but not very often, and only for a brief moment.

3) Data Transfer (Bandwidth):

Whenever a visitor visits your website, the amount of bytes transferred from your website onto the visitors computer, is called Bandwidth Usage.

What this means is that every time someone visits your site, they are loading files that you put on there, and also using your bandwidth to display your site on their computer.

You are only allowed a certain amount of bandwidth per month and if you have a lot of visitors and run out of bandwidth your website will simply not load anymore.

Solution: If you are a new website you don't have to worry that much about bandwidth simply because you don't have much traffic yet, so just to be safe, choose web hosts that offer "Unlimited Bandwidth".

Of course this doesn't mean that it really is unlimited, everything has a limit, but at least it will be enough for a new website.

Later on when you start to get heavy traffic you should consider getting dedicated hosting, which costs more but you pay according to what you use.

4) Disk Space:

This refers to the amount space you have in order to put your files on. Normally a new website will not need to take more than 10MB unless of course you're going to upload lots of files on there with a large amount of size such as video files and software.

When a web host states "Unlimited Space" means you have a lot of space but it's not really unlimited, there is a limit and you can find out about it by contacting them. For a new website choosing a host with unlimited space should be enough to get you started.

The Best Hosting provider: HOSTGATOR!

I tried many hosting companies (about 6) and HostGator, is by far the best one I have come across.

HostGator, gives you all the above features, but the best thing I love about it is customer support.

Their Customer Support Offers:

This website is currently hosted on HostGator, and it has never went down. Their uptime is 99.9% and it never until now went down once.

I highly recommend choosing HostGator, for your web hosting needs.
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