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Introducing BuySellAds.Com

BSA is different from Adsense and the others in that it allows publishers set up advertising spots on their blog/site and have them set a price for each spot.


The way it works is that Advertisers are displayed with a wide range of websites categorized by any type you want and the prices for every Ad spot is right in front of them, if they purchase an Ad spot, BSA automatically takes the Advertisers Ad Banner and places it onto the purchased spot.

Each spot is rented on a monthly basis and BSA gets to keep 25% of the total price for each Ad spot sold.

This means that you as a publisher will get to keep 75% of any Ad slots you sell per month, which is actually a pretty decent deal especially if you are a beginner.

Getting accepted by BSA is very difficult, I myself got rejected by them before, you need to meet certain criteria to be accepted, mainly you need a decent amount of traffic before you can apply.

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