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Hey there, my name is Sayed, I’m a 26 years old Canadian living in Toronto. I always loved how you can make amazing things using computers and I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen playing online games. My favorite is World of Warcraft, but I’ve been playing this game since it came out about almost 5 years ago and seems that not only am I wasting too much time on it, I’m also losing money because of its monthly payments.

So since I already waste too much time online I decided I would use a good portion of that time to try to create an income online, and if that works I can eventually quit my day time job and do everything through my computer.

I tried to create a website about the topic I knew the most about which was “World of Warcraft” but unfortunately I failed to rank high in the search engines and I failed to get any real traffic to my website.

But from my failure I acquired a few skills I can use to help me make this blog successful AND I gained an even better achievement which is that I was able to get accepted into the amazing Adsense program through that gaming site I made, on top of that I learned how I can monetize a website and learned about affiliates and such.

My goal through this blog is to LEARN and TEACH beginners like me how to start from NOTHING and be able to successfully make a living online.

I will post everything that I try through this blog so that other beginners such as myself can learn from those mistakes and we can all help each other and give each other the strength to continue down this online path.

If you got any tips, I truly appreciate it smiley


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Hi, my name is Sayed, currently studying Computer Science at York University Toronto. I love creating websites and programming.
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