SwagBucks: Another Way Of Making Money Online

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SwagbucksToday there are a lot of ways, services, tools people can use to make money online, some work and some don’t, but how many pay you to do nothing different than what you already do when you log on to the World Wide Web?

That’s right! you can get paid for doing what you normally do online from searching the web to voting on online polls or even watching video clips online.

Let Me Introduce You To SwagBucks!

SwagBucks is mainly a search engine powered by Google and Ask.com. Whenever you type a word or a phrase that you search for, you get a chance to get paid by acquiring Swag Points that are automatically credited to your account when you perform your normal search online that you do everyday anyways.

In other words if you are logged in (and there is an option to always stay logged in) once you search for anything you have a chance to earn points, you don’t get credit for every search you make but you do win some everyday. You can use these points to buy products online or convert it to cash and send it to your PayPal as I’m going to explain next.

For Example: When You Have Acquired Enough SwagBucks Points, You Can:

Purchase a 5 dollar PayPal Deposit by using 700 SB (SwagPoints), or purchase a 5 dollar Amazon Deposit by using 450 SB. You don’t have to purchase the 5 dollar cards, you can wait till your account have more points and purchase cards with bigger value.

There are many rewards being offered by SwagBucks ranging from electronics, gaming consoles all the way up to gift certificates and jewelry.

However SwagBucks doesn’t just stop there, they have many other ways that you can use to earn points faster, let me introduce you to each one:

Swagbucks TV: Watch thousands of clips and every time you finish a video your are %10 closer to earn points.
They have a bar on top of the videos page that displays your progress vs. earnings, every time you watch a video, that bar increases until it hitsΒ %100 and then you are rewarded with your points.
After that it resets and you can start the process again on the same day! but watch different videos of course.


Invite Your Friends: That’s right! the more friends you invite the more you earn.
Every time your friends earn, you get part of their points too as a reward for inviting them to SwagBucks thus increasing your win rate every time you invite someone new!


Completing Special Offers: There are hundreds of special offers than you do that earns you points with every single one, some reward more than a thousand points per offer.
These offers range from registering to certain products/services and confirming your email to testing and trying products and giving your feed back.


Trusted Surveys: SwagBucks have a variety of high quality surveys that award points each time you complete a survey and unlike other survey paying companies, if you dont qualify for a survey you still earn some points for attempting the profile and wanting to do the survey.


Shopping And Earning: SwagBucks made deals with brand name companies that can meet all your shopping needs and every time you spend money shopping through the swag store you earn points for every dollar you spend.


Voting In The Daily Polls: Every day SwagBucks releases a pool asking you 1 question where it’ll take you about 2 seconds to vote and earn points every day.


Finding Swag Codes: There are hidden swag codes being released everyday that you can find simply by navigating through the site or by unlocking them by visiting twitter/Facebook page.
Once you get a code, enter it to instantly redeem the points its worth.


Sending Your Prize Photo or Video for FREE Swag Bucks: As you know by now that with these points that you earn, you can convert it to cash through PayPal or redeem prizes with it that arrive in the mail.
Everytime you take a photo or film a video with the prizes you won from swag bucks, send it to them and you earn more free points!


Trade In Cell Phones, Gaming Consoles or even Books: If you have any combination of these 3 things you can send it to swagbucks by trading it in and in return they will pay you points that you can use to buy brand new stuff from their store!

As you can see there are MANY ways to earn points through this program, my personal favorite is searching since it doesn’t take away from my time at all and its something I do everyday anyways.

On top of that their search engine is powered by my favorite engine “Google” so I can easily replace my homepage with “http://www.swagbucks.com/” and immediately start earning once I create an account.

Its a very fun way to earn some cash or buy items, I urge you to give SwagBucks a try and let us know your thoughts:
Search & Win
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24 thoughts on “SwagBucks: Another Way Of Making Money Online

  1. I was not aware of swagbucks before – Thanks for introducing me to this site. Does every search / every video viewed result in points or are the points given for random search terms/ videos only?

    • Hey Raj,

      The Search is random, you will not be able to earn every time from search but you do earn some everyday, however every time you finish a video its a guaranteed 10% towards the progress bar at the top which means that every 10 videos you view you get more points.

    • Hey Jay,

      Anyone can join SwagBucks, I live in Toronto and I joined with no problems. You can convert the points they give you to virtual gift certificates for sites such as Amazon.com or even Paypal and get your money in cash.

      I just purchased my first $5 Amazon.com gift certificate with points I earned with them.

      Lots of fun.

  2. Hi Sayed,
    This is the first time I’ve heard of Swagbucks and with all the benefits that you mentioned, I think it’s another cool way of making money online.
    I do a lot of research online and you’re right, since I’m already doing it, why not earn points at the same time. I’ll definitely check this out.
    I also like that it’s powered by Google which is also my favorite. Thanks for sharing this tip with us.

    • Hey Theresa, ya Swagbucks is definitely worth it, I usually use my points to redeem gift certificates for amazon.com, you can buy almost anything there. πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds interesting Sayed! This information is completely new to me, and this is one reason it is so important to read other people’s blog. I will check it out – see if it is something that will work for me.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Hey Genie, Swagbucks is a lot of fun, especially when you get enough points to redeem a prize πŸ™‚ which doesn’t take very long.

      I can redeem a $5 Amazon.com card about every 3-4 days by getting points using the methods above. Mainly through searching though.

  4. Sounds like this might have some potential. The only think that bothers me is the amount of effort that has to go into this to make money.

    If it’s strictly search, it has great potential.

    • That’s the best part though Dave, that there is no effort, all you have to do is what you normally do online everyday anyways, which is searching, however now, you get paid for it.

      There are additional options that you can use to increase your earnings but that is entirely up to you.

      I use it mainly for searching the web, and so far I redeemed a few $5 Amazon cards, for doing nothing other than what I normally do everyday.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Who ever thought this was possible, earning money for things i already do, this sure does look interesting, i’ll be sure to check it out once they make it available in Europe. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I have tried a lot of ways of earning some extra cash but no one really made me a lot of money except for swagbucks. Thanks for sharing this really informative article!

  7. I like SwagBucks. It’s an awesome way to earn some extra cash. The aim of the game is to get lots of referrals, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the site.

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