Partial VS Exact Match Anchor Text

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Partial VS Exact Match Anchor TextPartial VS Exact Match Anchor Text is considered a very important topic right now, it’s 2012 and webmasters experienced a few changes over the past couple of months for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it works.

In previous years partial vs exact match anchor text didn’t matter that much, if you wanted to rank on Google, you had to make sure you have authority websites linking to you using your keywords. This means that if you wanted to rank for the keywords “online income”, you needed to get as many anchor texts as you can with the phrase “online income” leading to your website.

You also know that these links had to be of high quality, you can’t have low rank unpopular websites linking to you and expect to rank high on Google, your links need to be trusted and valued by Google.

If you have been practicing SEO for a long time, you’ll notice that the above method no longer works as good as it used to be, with the updates Google is performing, having too many exact match anchor texts could actually hurt your website.

There are many other signals Google uses to determine the rank of your website including social network signals but we want to focus today on link building.

Partial VS Exact Match Anchor Text

Exact Match

If you want to rank for “online income”, an exact match anchor text would be “online income”, but research (Check out the video below) shows that having too many exact matches can affect your website negatively, so what you want to do is mix your links a bit by adding partial matches to the mix.

Partial Match

A partial match for “online income” is “make online income” or “easy income online”.

You can define a partial match as any anchor text that contains at least one of your keyword phrases. This type of link building is considered the best so far and it does weight more in terms of ranking than exact match.

Here is a video explaining the whole thing by the Pros from SEOMOZ, hope you enjoy.

Partial VS Exact Match Anchor Text is very important to think about when it comes to creating high quality authority links.

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10 thoughts on “Partial VS Exact Match Anchor Text

  1. Hi,
    I’m ambitious of guest posting on createawebsiteincome, But unfortunately I’ve no chance to post on createawebsiteincome as a guest. Anyhow your post about monetizing is awesome mind blowing and other admirable words for it. Thank you so much @Sayed…. May Allah bless you

    • Thanks Dilawer 😀

      I will open guest posting but when I start to get a bit more traffic, looking forward for more comments from you.

      See ya soon.

  2. Hey Sayed,

    i totally agree with you.
    Last year, i started learning about online marketing and SEO.
    I read many sites and blogs, get great tips and test.
    My learn project is about “Dating” and i use anchor text. for example
    “Dating Seiten”, “Dating Portal”, “Blog über Dating”, “Singles Dating”
    This method works good with good Backlinks, no SpamTrash *gg*

    Thanks a lot for sharing your video and the article.
    It“s very interesting and informative.

    Best wishes and success with your projects.


    • Yup, using partial match anchor text seems to have more weight in search engine eyes that normal anchor texts.

      You can use any combination of words in your anchor text as long as at least 1 of your keywords is present.

  3. Hello Sayed,
    I am still trying to figure out how SEO works and your post was very helpful. I had no idea about partial vs exact match in anchor text. I am looking forward to reading more articles from you Sayed. Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Mariella, it’s true, Google seems to favor more partial than exact match anchor text now. There is a lot to learn about SEO, I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now and I still consider myself a newbie.

      The thing about SEO is that it never stays the same, people always find ways to abuse it and Google always find new ways to make it more difficult for us to rank higher.

      Just gotta move with the flow is all. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Mariella.
      Take Care.

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