What Is Adbrite? An Introduction

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What Is Adbrite?


Adbrite is an advertisement company that allows advertisers post advertisement about their sites or products using publishers available websites, you must have a valid website to apply for Adbrite.

Adbrite is not very strict about your website design/traffic like Adsnese, this doesn’t mean that you can design a 2 min blog and submit for approval, no! you have to put the time and effort in it and best to get some traffic first before you submit.They are just not as strict as Adsense is all.

Is Adbrite Similar To Adsense?

Adbrite follows the same procedure as Adsense, it allows you to create banners with different sizes to best match the location you’re going to install it on your website/blog. However Adbrite is not as targeted as Adsense, meaning Adsense is better at showing relevant Ads to your website content that way your readers would be more interested into clicking on your Ads.

Adbrite’s Method of Payment?

Right now, AdBriteย  pays by check only, they will mail you a check monthly once you reach your minimum amount, the currency is in US dollars.

As for the minimum payout they offer, you can set it yourself and you can go as low as $5 dollars, however setting it this low might not be a good idea since some foreign banks have a high deposit fee for depositing checks in US currency.

Adbrite, An Alternative To Adsense?

Adbrite is a great alternative to Adsense, I suggest you open an account even if you have Adsense and installing Adbrite on some of your smaller websites just to keep the account active, you never know when you might switch to them permanently.

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20 thoughts on “What Is Adbrite? An Introduction

    • Hey Amanda,

      I dont think it will replace Adsense, Google owns Adsense and they are just too powerful especially with their awesome search engine, however a lot of people either get banned from Adsense for breaking the rules somehow or they want an alternative to Adsense just in case something happens.

      In both cases most of them turn to Adbrite, so while I dont think Adbrite would replace Adsense, it’s definitely a good backup and it’s a good idea to open an account now while they’re not very strict, you never know what the future might hold.

    • It’s definitely a good alternative but you can also setup an account now even if you have adsense and use adbrite on some of your other sites, I suggest to use it on your lower traffic sites just to keep the account active.

      You never know when you might switch to it permanently. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I still think Adsense gives a higher share than Adbrite but if you compare Adbrite to other similar service you’ll find that Adbrite wins.

      However if you have an Adsense account, use it as your main source, just make sure you have an Adbrite account as a backup for the future. ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. I’ve tried other monetisation methods like Kontera. Most things I’ve tried were poor.

    The best thing is CPA offers which can do pretty well if you put the right offers on the right content.

  2. hi sayed,
    your website looks great, is this a custom theme or a bought theme.
    as far as adbrite is concerned unless you have really high traffic monetizing is difficult
    I reached 15 dollars over 8 months with adbrite, but 150 dollars in a month with adsense.
    people can visit my site sitecost.org to have an estimate of their website’s earning potential if using adsense.
    found your site through dailyblogtips.com

    • Hey Alice,

      This is a free theme called “Myst”, the original design is a bit different, I had to play with the code and change a few things and add the top menu above to improve it a bit.

      ya you’re right, Adsense does pay more than Adbrite, which is why I would only use Adbrite as a backup to Adsense in case anything happens to Adsense.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. With Google being such a large corporation, it has become increasingly difficult to get the large number of clicks that were once enjoyed. Due to extreme user saturation, and having to follow a long list of rules, that they seem to always be adding to. It has become much harder to make a lot of money using the Google advertising platform. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

  4. Hi Sayyed,
    Thankyou soo much for sharing your information about adbrite and it looks worth to join it.I am going to add it in my website and as I am a UK citizen therefore I have to make a big limit for cash withdrawal by check but I would be glad if I recieve payments by adbrite.

    • You’re welcome Syeda, I have Adbrite running on some of my websites and it’s doing ok, it’s a good alternative to Adsense. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • They are much easier than Google Adsense, however they do require you to have a well designed website with at least a bit of traffic before you apply, if you can show them that, then they will accept your application with no problem.

  5. Hi Sayyed,
    Adbrite is a good alternative of adsense and It has less restrictions than adsense but it takes quite longer to process check and paid into the account and because of this reason, I prefer adsense over adbrite.

  6. I think still Adsense is the dominating advertise authority. But who don’t get Adsense ads or rejected can use Adbrite as it is better than other advertise company

  7. In my opinion AdBrite is a good solution for people who have sites with reasonable traffic that would be attractive to advertisers, and who want to focus on running the site and not selling and maintaining adverting placement, and billing.

  8. can you use adbright for a youtube channel? my adsense account was disabld from my youtube channel, and im looking for an alternative.

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