What Is Image Alt Tag And Its Importance On SEO

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image alt tagSomething that new bloggers almost never pay attention to, is using an image ALT tag when they insert any images in their post.

Let Search Engines “SEE” Your Images By Using An Image Alt Tag

When a search engine such as Google looks at your site, it can only read the text you have written but it can not “see” any of your images and therefore can not understand what your image is about, but you can easily fix this by adding an image ALT tag.

Every blogger knows that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important, and by adding an image ALT tag to your images, you are helping your SEO because you can add targeted keywords inside your “ALT” field to help your SEO.

Now I must tell you that in the past, using keywords in an image ALT tag was very more important for search engines than it is now, and this is due to webmasters abusing this feature by flooding their image ALT tag with keywords, but it is still considered very important, so it is best to use it.

Google Believes In Using an Image ALT Tag Within All Your Posted Images!

Google advised using an image ALT tag in their Webmaster Tools Tips whenever you post a picture, here is what they said:

“Images: Use the alt attribute to provide descriptive text. In addition, we recommend using a human-readable caption and descriptive text around the image.”

Here is the source link.

On top of all this, note that visually impaired people who are using text readers will also be able to understand what your images are about using an image ALT tag.

How Do I Define An Image ALT Tag In My Photos?

Normally, to publish an image on your blog or static site, you write something like this:

<img src=”blueSky.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″>

Now to add an image AL” tag, all you have to add is:

<img src=”blueSky.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″ ALT=”Blue Sky”>

Adding an image ALT tag to your images requires no coding knowledge and it’s very fast to apply, so why not? even if it helps your SEO by 1% can you afford not to do it? ๐Ÿ˜€

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12 thoughts on “What Is Image Alt Tag And Its Importance On SEO

  1. Hey Sayed it really help for Search Engine Optimization and also necessary for W3C validation for your html so why we cann’t take its benefit with SERP.I usually used these tags for my sites and I think on page search engine give 90% boost to web site and remaining 10% support with off page Optimization.

    • Using these tags do help in your W3C validation you’re right, and they have other benefits too which why we should never skip using them, especially since they are easy and fast to apply.

      Thanks Rizwan.

  2. hi sayed…
    i am new in blogging and want to improve my daily traffic graphs.when i was not using the ”alt” texts i was not getting good traffic but once i started using it. my one image was optimized on google images first page , and my traffic increased..and then i knew about the importance of alt texts…its really helps in SEO.
    thanks for this nice info

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  5. When you have an image on your page search engines don’t know what the image represents, they can’t detect what an image is. Since you can’t count on the computer to recognize an image you should help the search engines with it. You should have a simple description included with the image. An alt tag can help with this.

    • Hey Pankaj,

      The “alt” tags stand for “alternate text”, you can write any text in there you want (as long as it’s short) but the best thing to do is to use keywords that describe the image and put that inside the “alt” tag, that way when search engines scan your image, they understand what it’s about from the alternate text, and having keywords in there helps your SEO.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The actual purpose of the alt attribute for the img tag is to assign an alternate text that the visitors will see if in case the image itself doesn’t completely load. That could be the reason why the crawlers “see” those alternate texts. Another factor that could affect your images’ visibility on the search results would be the surrounding text around the image.

    = Gerald Martin, White Label SEO =

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