7 Reasons Why A Blog Is Better Than A Static Website

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static site vs blogIt’s amazing how people who never used computers before are now able to surf the net with complete ease, it’s like the internet became part of their lifestyle.

They can surf using their laptops, their Ipads or even their cellphones. Surfing made easy on mobile devices now that you can do it anywhere and anytime, you can even purchase mobile internet on a small USB sticks.

Everyone Wants Their Own Website

The internet definitely plays a big part in today’s society, however for some people, it’s just not enough to be able to login online and use service such as Facebook and twitter….no! they want their own website, something that defines who they are or talks about what they do.

Should You Go For A Static Site Or A Blog Is More You?

One of the big questions that people face (especially beginners) is whether to start a blog or a static website. A static website used to be good in the past, but unfortunately not anymore, simply because the internet and the people who are using it have evolved into something that requires more than a mere static site.

I believe that a blog is much better than a static site, for many reasons, that doesn’t mean that static sites are dead or shouldn’t be used at all, no! they could be used in some situations, but before we get into that let me give you 7 reasons as to why I think blogs are better than static sites.

1) Saves You Money: You can easily create a blog using any of the already made free blogging systems out there such as WordPress and Joomla. I highly recommend using WordPress as it is more widely used and common among the blogging community and it’s very simple to use. You dont have to pay for using either system however you do have to pay for hosting. I do not recommend getting free hosting if you want a stable environment for your blog.

2) Zero Programming Knowledge Required: You do not need any programming experience to have a blog, it’s all done for you, all you have to do is install it and you’re instantly ready to connect and share with millions of other bloggers.

3) Easy To Update: Updating anything in your blog is extremely easy, simply because you can do so by logging in on your own account and change anything you want. You can do that with any computer that has internet access anywhere in the world, with no need to install anything on the local computer. Compare that to a static site where you have to have access to the files on the server and then re-upload them using an FTP program once you finish your updates.

4) Free Themes And Plugins: There are thousands of free themes and plugins available for bloggers. This means that you can change the complete look of your blog with 1 click by uploading any theme you want, on top of that you can customize your theme with the many available plugins that you can download also absolutely free.

5) A Blog For Your Homepage: Having a blog for your homepage shows the interactions between different types of visitors and thus making your site look more important. This is a good reason for first time visitors to bookmark your site and come back once they feel that your site is not deserted compared to a static site where its completely lifeless.

6) Blogs Are More SEO-Friendly Than Static: Blogs have built in modules that makes them favored by search engines. This is why you will see that a post you create on a blog will usually index faster in search engines such as Google than if you uploaded a static page on your static site.

7) Building Credibility: When you have a blog, usually it’s maintained by 1 author, however  sometimes a group of authors manage the whole blog. In both cases your blog will build your credibility among other bloggers, they will start to trust you and trust your content. Later on you can use your credibility and turn it into profit by suggesting products that you know your readers might be interested in and you can earn affiliate commission from. But be very careful not use this the wrong way, or you will easily lose your credibility.

Static Sites Are Not Useless!

This doesn’t mean that static sites are useless, however they are only good in situations where you do not need to have feedback from your readers or for example if you are building a website for an online store where you sell a certain product or products and don’t need to update it very often.

Before you decide which option is better for you, ask yourself two questions:

  • What is the purpose of this site?
  • Will I need to frequently update it?

Blogs maybe taking over but static sites haven’t lost the battle yet, you just have to give it a chance.

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30 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why A Blog Is Better Than A Static Website

  1. Nice and logic text, and I totally agree, WordPress is the best platform for blogging. I would tell that the free themes don’t work always. Some of the features (tag cloud, search) don’t work properly with them. I’ve chosen to pay some money for the secure and stable enviroment.
    Cindy recently posted..Toothache – home remediesMy Profile

    • Hey Cindy, Most of the free themes dont always work as you said, however if you dig deep enough you can sometimes find free themes that with a little effort can customize to make it look exactly the way you like.

      It’s good to start with a free theme if you’re a newbie then upgrade to a paid theme once you get the full picture of how things are working in WordPress.

      Thanks for commenting, :)

  2. I always thought a static site was better but after reading this and the reasons you gave I now know that I was wrong. Thanks for sharing and I will definitely spend more time in my blog. Thanks!
    Peter recently posted..water koelerMy Profile

  3. A blog is really better that ta static website because you can do so many things with a blog. A blog is more flexible and with it you can also be able to make some small income depending on what you want to do with it. Blogs are also cheaper to start and maintain.

  4. What is the purpose of this site?
    I think this factor decides whether a website would be good for you or you would need a blog. I do agree with you on that now is the time for dynamic sites and blogs. Long gone are the days for static sites. But also a blog can’t serve all those purpose that a website could serve. So it all depends on your “purpose”.

    Yes, WordPress is the best option for a blog reasons are good themes, plug-ins and easily available information.

  5. yes i am totally agree with you and its true that a blog is far better than a static website. because at static website it is very difficult to target too many keywords and also it is not possibly to interact with the customer with regular basis. so if you cant interact with the customer or visitor then i don’t think that they will visit the site again and again, but in blog i can guaranty if you can provide quality they will visit your site at a regular basis

  6. I have to agree with all your points!

    one of my friends who wanted to create a website, I told him to install the WordPress platform and he told that he doesn’t want to create a blog.

    many people think that wrodpress is only a blogging platform and they don’t know that we can create any type of website using wordpress, adding the points you mentioned to any website it should gives an awesome result.

    thanks for sharing.
    Faissal Alhaithami recently posted..Complete guide to the new facebook page insightsMy Profile

  7. Hi Sayed,

    I think you’re right – blogs definitely have several advantages over static websites. Easy to set up, easy to update, cheaper and easier to drive traffic to.

    On the other hand, I have a blog and a static site on exactly the same subject area. I even considered making the blog part of the website at one time.

    The blog gets about ten times as much traffic – but the static site sells a lot more affiliate products. It might be something to do with the particular niche – but static sites do have their place I guess.
    Hamish recently posted..Kindle 4My Profile

  8. Blogging has showed me that there are many other things worth learning and doing. Also when I start blogging I realized how big the online world is and how many opportunities it can offer.
    It is still individuals choice..
    David recently posted..Movers PackersMy Profile

  9. Definitely a cms php database driven website will be easier to update, and usually maintain. If something does go wrong or people mess with php code, the database, etc. that aren’t sure what they are doing they can mess a site up pretty easy. Much more difficult to do that with a standard html site. Some people say they can rank a static html page or site easier. That is a toss up for me. I just would rather make a change in one location rather than 100 static html pages so that is why I prefer it. They are quite a bit more cpu and memory hungry and can get out of hand though compared to a basic html site.
    Ray recently posted..The Pitfalls of Free WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  10. Bogging can now be for everyone. I am grateful to wordpress for making this possible. I attended a class using wordpress and I realized how uncomplicated the tool is. I am having fun, exploring the tool and learning more about its features.
    Lisa recently posted..homes for sale in MalaysiaMy Profile

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    • I like how you don’t have to work hard updating content with a static site, but unless you have valuable information in there, nobody will bother to visit hehe. 😀

    • Indeed Ferb, blogs bring people together through the amazing features they offer, that’s why they are more popular than static sites and their popularity will continue to grow.

      Thanks for commenting. :)

  12. The internet definitely plays a big part in today’s society, however for some people, it’s just not enough to be able to login online and use service such as Facebook and twitter….no! they want their own website, something that defines who they are or talks about what they do. I believe that a blog is much better than a static site, for many reasons, that doesn’t mean that static sites are dead or shouldn’t be used at all, no! they could be used in some situations.

  13. I really don’t know why most web developers are not considering WordPress when they design their clients’ websites especially now you can install a lot of free or paid WordPress themes to make your WordPress looks

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